At the beginning of a new year, many people try to improve their lives in one way or another. For some, this means eating healthy and exercising while others choose to declutter their homes.

If it has been years since you have taken the time to declutter, this task may seem daunting. Over time, your belongings accumulate and become unorganized. This article explains the steps of decluttering your home once and for all.

Step One: Rank Your Priorities

One of the hardest parts of decluttering your home is knowing where to start. Make a list of the rooms in your home, from most cluttered to least. By tackling the messiest rooms in your home first, it will only get easier as you go along. Plus, you will feel so accomplished when finishing the worst room that you’ll be motivated to keep going.

Step Two: Focus On Small Areas

Once you have decided on a room to start decluttering, focus in on a small area. This may be a set of cabinets that have been stuffed full of things that never get used, or a drawer full of socks that don’t have matches. Take on one small area at a time and try not to get distracted by another area until the one you started with is completely decluttered.

Step Three: Sort Every Item

Every item that you go through when decluttering your home will either be thrown away, recycled, donated, or kept. Before you start the task, get together bins, bags, or boxes to sort everything out. Be very selective about what you keep. Purging your home of things that you never use and will not miss is therapeutic. Getting rid of things also makes the remaining items much easier to organize.

Step Four: Organize Items That You Keep

All the items that you decide to keep need to have a place that they belong when they are not in use. Group like items together, for instance, all cleaning supplies should go in a cabinet together and all electrical cords should be in the same compartment. This way, if you need to use an item, you always know where to put it back.

Step Five: Decluttering Your Home Moving Forward

After you have completed decluttering the entire home, you don’t want to have to do it again in the future. The key to keeping your home decluttered long-term is to have a dedicated place that every item in your home belongs.

If you need to remember where things go by labeling cabinets and shelves, that is better than letting the home get cluttered again. When you buy new things, make sure to get rid of something similar that you don’t need anymore. This practice will prevent clutter from piling up so your home stays organized and clutter-free!

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