Cleaning your gutters is one of the most dreaded home maintenance tasks, but it’s necessary for diverting water away from your house. If you want to prevent water damage to your roof or fascia, cleaning your gutters is essential.

Overflowing gutters can affect areas below your roof, as water pouring over the gutter’s edges instead of being directed down the spouts means water can end up in your foundation, or in your basement or crawlspace. So now that you understand how important it is to clean your gutters, read on to find out how to clean your gutters in a few easy steps.

1. Get on a ladder and start cleaning out the gunk.

For accessing gutters, you’ll want to use a ladder, preferably with stabilizers that have rubber feet and extend to the rooftop to help keep you steady. Start at the downspout.

Put on some heavy duty gloves and scoop out the leaves, pine needles, and other debris with a trowel or by hand. For collecting it, you can use a handled bucket hung on a built-in hook that you’ll find at the top of most A-frame ladders, or you can lay out a tarp under the ladder and let the debris fall to the ground. Later, you can collect it and use it the decomposed leaves as compost for your¬†garden.

2. Move the ladder further down and repeat the process in a new spot.

Repeat the process again, collecting all you can by hand and either putting it in a bucket or letting it fall towards the tarp. Continue this process until you reach the opposite end.

3. Use a hose to get the rest.

For debris that’s stubborn or won’t budge without some effort, use a hose to flush what’s left, starting at the end opposite of the downspout. Let it run for a minute, and check that the water is running clean from the bottom of the downspout. If it’s just trickling, you know you still have a clog somewhere, perhaps in the downspout itself. If that’s the case, you may need to take the downspout apart and remove the clog. Or, you can direct the hose right into the downspout to clear it.

How to Clean Your Gutters Less Often

If you’re not so handy, or you just dread this chore each fall, there are some products you can purchase that help make the process easier: mesh guards sit within the gutters and prevent leaves and other debris from building up, but let the water flow through. Click here to see some different options.

When you follow these tips on how to clean your gutters, you can simplify the process for this fall chore.

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