Before listing a home, a seller will research pricing and may add amenities and even undertake major renovations to make the property more appealing to a buyer. One step that will improve the odds of selling a home successfully is ordering a pre-listing home inspection. Though it’s not mandatory, a pre-listing inspection can help the seller during the sales process.

Why Sellers Need a Pre-listing Home Inspection

Though home inspections are recommended when buying a home, many experts now recommend having an inspection completed before putting your home on the market. While these inspections aren’t necessary for listing a home, they provide several benefits for sellers. Below are a handful of the reasons why a homeowner should have their home inspected before it is listed for sale.

A Pre-Listing Inspection Helps Determine Value

Determining the price of a home requires examining the prices of comparable homes in the neighborhood, trends in the region, features of the home, and the condition of the property. When a seller orders a pre-listing inspection, they are gathering valuable data that will help determine a realistic price for the home.

The information in the inspection report reveals the true condition of the home. With this knowledge, a seller can better price a home that needs work. If the seller chooses to make the repairs, the asking price should increase to reflect the upgrades.

Avoid Surprises With a Professional Home Inspection

Even if a homeowner chooses to sell the home as-is, the buyer will likely order a home inspection. With a pre-inspected home, the seller won’t be surprised by hidden issues that might be uncovered with a buyer’s inspection.

The pre-listing inspection report details any problems that potential buyers could find in the home. Having this information in advance reduces the likelihood of the buyer renegotiating a new contract once their inspection is complete.

Creating a Pre-Listing Checklist

A pre-listing inspection allows the homeowner to decide what changes should be made before the sale. This is an excellent way for the seller to fix problems on their own schedule without pressure from buyers.

The pre-listing inspection helps with pricing the home, eliminates surprises from future inspections, and even helps determine work to complete before the home is put on the market. A seller will be better prepared for the real estate transaction with the information from the pre-listing home inspection.

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