Smoke detectors save lives and property. With early warning, your family members can exit the home quickly and emergency services will be alerted to the scene. If you haven’t already, install smoke detectors throughout your house. Test your devices monthly and keep fresh batteries on hand. Read more to learn about smoke detector placement in the home so you can best protect your family.

Locations for Smoke Detector Placement

There are several important areas for smoke detector placement in a house. Every bedroom should have a smoke detector. Install one in the hallway outside each sleeping area. Every level of the home, including the basement and attic, should have at least one smoke detector. Because clothes dryers can overheat and cause fires, add a smoke detector in the laundry room too.

Smart Smoke Detector Placement

While smoke detectors aren’t the most attractive accessories, don’t hide or decorate them. Obstructing or painting can reduce the device’s ability to sense smoke. Install smoke detectors on the ceilings because smoke rises. If the ceiling isn’t an option, place the device high on the wall between four and 12 inches from the ceiling.

Keep smoke detectors well away from windows, doors, and vents since air flow can interfere with smoke detection. Make sure devices aren’t placed too close to cooking appliances or the shower. Smoke from something as harmless as burnt toast or steam from a shower can cause a false alarm.

Types of Smoke Detectors

There are two main types of smoke detectors. Ionization and photoelectric smoke detectors detect fires differently, so ideally you’ll have both types in the home. Another option is to purchase detectors that are designed with both types of sensors.

Choose smoke detectors that can be interconnected. When one detector is triggered, all the alarms will sound to be certain everyone in the house is alerted to the danger regardless of where the fire is located.

When installing new smoke detectors, read all manufacturer instructions and follow smoke detector placement guidelines on the packaging.

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